Beef is our passion

selecting it is our job

We import and distribute high quality beef, selecting it
directly from our breeders and slaughterhouse partners around the world.

The best cuts

for your customers

Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we know how to clean the cuts to appreciate the quality of the beef.
That is why we transmit our way of preparing beef to our products.
Your customers will appreciate it. Less waste, less preparation time, more profitability. 

We know about beef

origins from all over the world

Rellman Foods has its origins in Argentina, one of the cradles of the best beef in the world, and can rely on over 50 years of experience.
Our working method oversees the process from the selection of the cattle at its origin to its delivery to the customer.
This has allowed us to expand our offer of origins and be a reference supplier of high-quality beef from all over the world.

Rellman Foods

Devoted to beef production
for more than 50 years

Since 1970, the founders of Rellman Foods have been linked to the international beef business between South America and Europe. With extensive experience in the countries of origin, both institutional and corporate. Rellman Foods was founded in 2001 with the purpose of importing and distributing source-selected beef to our most demanding European customers.

Angus Beef Importer
  • Extensive
  • Guaranteed
  • Quality
  • Clean cuts
    for professionals
We are specialists in selecting the best beef from each origin. Argentina and Uruguay are our native countries, but we also have the best beef from: United States, Australia, Ireland, Poland, Brazil and Paraguay.


tons of beef each month


orders per month


proven quality

at the origin

Quality control

  • Guaranteed cold chain
  • Supply channel monitoring
  • Certified partners

Our commitment is to strive to provide the best quality, with a fast and accurate level of service.

That is why we have an in-house quality team at source, a network of experienced farmers and producers and certified logistic partners.

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