since 1970

We import
from all over the world

High Quality

We select the beef directly in the field.

our own selection teams carefully choose the cattle to obtain the highest quality beef.

Our import process

Since 2001, RELLMAN FOODS has been the leading supplier of premium beef from South America, serving the most demanding beef customers in Europe.
We oversee the entire supply chain, from the cold storage slaughterhouse to our customers. To do this, we work with the best specialized partners to ensure fast, safe and traceable storage and supply.

Rellman Foods is IFS BROKER certified

Rellman Foods

We care about

our customers

Rellman Foods’ commitment is to produce the best beef every day and to ensure outstanding supply and service. We strive to be a quality reference for beef lovers, supporting them in their business with sourcing programs tailored to their needs.

  • Controlled
  • Supervised
    supply chain
  • Certified
  • Partnership

Quality control

We only work with partners certified to the highest European quality standards by many certifications: Angus, Halal, Organic, Animal welfare, IFS and BRC.

Rellman Foods
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