Ceibo Beef

Ceibo Beef’s philosophy is to satisfy costumers’ needs. This is the reason why they select beef from cattle breeders who dedicated a lot of time and efforts to improve the Angus and Hereford breeds, through excellent genetics and feeding.

Its products main characteristics are palatability, juiciness and flavor.

Rosedale Ruby

Rosedale is one of the first Charolais breeders.

Its values are quality breeding and keeping strong relationships with other members of the cattle industry. Its cattle have evolved over time and represent modern Charolais bulls that are suitable for today’s markets and conditions.


Soriano is the beef packing plant where quality control and animal welfare are the key pillars for the selection and production of premium quality beef cuts.

Soriano is a guarantee of a tender, juicy and tasty beef, the favorite among the most demanding consumers.


Since 1974, Rioplatense has been one of the main beef processing companies in Argentina.

The quality of its products is guaranteed by the selection of the best British Argentinean breeds, Angus and Hereford, and its location.

Urien Loza

With more than 25 years of history, its commitment is to breed and sell the best steak.

Urien Loza’s main value is its producers’ club. Selecting the best beef of the Argentinean regions and breeds to offer the guarantee of an optimal steer.

Las Moras

Its philosophy is based on heritage and passion, with the objective of providing the best quality meat products worldwide.

They are a key player in Uruguay’s meat industry, a family, embracing the purpose of creating a better future for all.

Ojo de Agua

The gauchos care for 70,000 hectares of sustainable agricultural land where more than 10,000 Angus and Hereford cattle can graze freely.

They produce beef with a soul, as a result of their genetic management, finishing and good animal handling practices.

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