Rellman Foods

We are the leading supplier of quality beef from South America, serving the most important European meat retailers, steakhouses and distributors. We provide top quality beef.

Products are shipped weekly to Europe to high quality demanding customers in the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Spain and France; as well as renowned quality steakhouses in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Lebanon.

Working with experts since 2001, we have developed strong ethical values which permeate all our daily activities:

• Focused on customer needs:

We believe all customers are important and we support them in their business by fulfilling their needs.

• Emphasis on Quality and Service:

Trying to provide each day the best quality ever, a fast and accurate service is one of our leading leitmotivs.

• Customer satisfaction through advanced technology:

Once we know what you expect, we make every effort to reach these expectations and we provide you with all the necessary information you need.

• Working hand in hand, developing specifications, innovating in partnership with our customers.

Always looking for new innovations and challenges, we adapt our service and are open to working hand-in-hand with news partners, in order to increase our efficiency.


Spreading our reputation as a provider of quality beef, Rellman Foods wants to be the reference for beef lovers.


Rellman Foods aims at producing better products every day, and supplying its customers with outstanding service, whenever and wherever needed


Our added value is that we provide the best meat whenever and wherever needed, always with the main goal of reaching your highest satisfaction.

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