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1. Selection of the best breeders group
All beef production comes from Selected animals and Selected farms who belong to the best breeders group.

2. Slaughter according to standards & hygiene controls
Breeders send their cattle to the slaughterhouse, according to a year round program which is linked to weekly production and shipments to Rellman Foods.

3. Pre-selection of premium meat
The Rellman Foods quality team, after doing this pre-selection, does a follow up trough all the slaughter, chilling and aging process. This quality team takes also special attention in animal welfare practices, hygiene and sanitary conditions (temperature between 0° and 2°).

4. Packed according to each standards
48 hours after slaughter, when the beef temperature PH and colour are optimal and stabilized, butchers are able to start cutting and deboning. At this stage, a final selection of the best pieces of beef takes place on the “butchers block table”. All beef cuts are trimmed under Rellman Foods specifications.
Eventually, once the cut the cut is finished and prepared, the beef cuts are vacuum packed and wrapped in carton boxes.

5. Transport by boat and airfreight to the world
All beefs cuts that meet the agreed quality and commercial standards, colour, weight size, fat cover, marbling and conformation are transported from the slaughterhouse to the (air)port. They will be routed by fly/boat on a container. The delay of transport varies between 1 to 4 weeks depending on the departure location.
Once the meat arrives at the cold stores, a quality control inspection led by experts on the fields insures the meat quality and good conservation during travel.

6. Delivery to our customers
After several strong inspections, quality reports and selections, Rellman Foods can sell a meat of quality, with flavour and incomparable taste.
As a flexible and trusted company we will help you to fulfil your needs by providing a service of excellence. Provider of high quality beef since 2001, Rellman Foods is proud of its experience and success in the business of beef.

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