Through the production process, we ensure the quality and traceability of our meat by several certificates:

• BRC:

The BRC (British Retail Consortium) is a standard or a specification elaborated by the grouping of the British distributors, with the aim of standardizing the requirements that their suppliers of foodstuffs have to fill in safety and quality.

To summarize, the requirements these include:

• Respect for the food standards for the products launched on the market.

• Implementation of a system of information HACCP.

• Establishment of a management system of the quality detailed and informed.

• Trying to provide each day the best quality ever, a fast and accurate service is one of our leading leitmotivs.

• Respect for the standards of development of buildings and installations, for best practice of hygiene and for manufacturing.

And of course …


The HACCP is the system which identifies, estimates and masters the significant dangers towards the food safety.

THE HACCP is interested in 3 classes of dangers for the hygiene of food:

• The biological dangers (viruses, bacteria)

• The chemical dangers (pesticides, additives)

• The physical dangers (wood, glass).

• Angus Beef Certification

Considering its tenderness and taste, cattle producers choose the Aberdeen Angus breed which meets the needs of the strictest consumers. The excellent qualities of the Angus beef are enhanced by the outstanding pastures of the “Argentine Pampas”. The result is healthy, natural, nutritive beef, with unsurpassable eating quality.

The Angus Beef is the result of a thorough quest for the ideal consistence and yield, which are certified under the highest international certification standards: ISO 65 / EN 45011. The Aberdeen Angus is the breed that produces the best beef. It has been the choice of the most delicate palates worldwide.

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