Rellman Foods Beef

A quality beef finds birth among free raising cattle, in the middle of green pastures of various varieties, where the quality of the water, the air and a moderate climate creates the natural environment which the animal needs. The British breeds and husbandry transmitted through generations their know-how to reach the highest standards of breeding. The British breeds quickly adapted themselves to the lands of South America, supplying a high-quality product worldwide.

The British breeds: Aberdeen Angus, Herefords, and cross breeds with selected continental European ones are producing the best quality beef which are the choice of the most delicate palates in the world.

In Argentina, British breeds have adapted rapidly to the natural pastures of the Pampa, which provides a product of outstanding quality for the world market. Nowadays, the Mercosur beef industry is prepared to meet the needs of any kind of demand, meeting the technical, sanitary, cultural and religious requirements of the world market. State-of-the-art technology, traditional know-how and quality control surveillance programs are used in the process of slaughtering, deboning and packaging of the beef. Mercosur’s beef production plants have achieved high quality standards, through the introduction of many systems (HACCP, BRC,...), among other certifications required by its customers. The application of modern technology is emphasized, while Training Programmes keep personnel permanently updated.

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